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Governance and Boards

Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges is established under the Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges Act 2005, and reports to the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries. The Chief Executive Officer reports to the QATC Board and is responsible for the management and leadership of day-to-day operations and acting as the primary link between the QATC Board and staff.

The Governing Board reports to the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries on a quarterly basis. Governing Board meetings are generally held every two months, except when the Quarterly report is required by legislation. 

Governing Board Members

The Governing Board members are:

  • Hugh Rose (Chair)
  • Michael Stalley (Deputy Chair)
  • Richard Pietsch (Member)
  • Position vacant (Member)
  • Position vacant (Member)


In order to ensure QATC fulfils its functions, the board has statutory responsibility for:

  • Deciding the strategies and the operational, administrative and financial policies for QATC
  • Ensuring QATC fulfils any statement of expectations given to it by the Minister
  • Ensuring QATC performs its functions and exercises its powers in a proper, effective and efficient way
  • Ensuring QATC acts in accordance with its strategic and operational plans
  • Accounting to the Minister for QATC's performance
  • Annually reviewing the performance of QATC's Chief Executive Officer


In fulfilling this role, the Board will set the strategic direction for Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges. Furthermore, the board will need to exercise oversight of QATC's:

  • Financial management
  • Asset management
  • Human Resources
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Strategic Planning
  • Compliance


The Governing Board has three committees which meet prior to the Governing Board meeting:

  • Audit, Finance and Risk Management
  • Education and Training Board
  • Governance and Remuneration