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Short Courses

Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges (QATC) training hubs and Colleges offer a range of short courses tailored to the needs of their regional area.

Working with industry, we develop courses that are current and relevant to participants, and delivered by qualified instructors with the skills and experience to provide valuable training.

Short courses typically involve from three to forty hours of training (although duration can range up to five days) which can be tailored to meet specific individual and enterprise needs.

Short courses can be particularly relevant to industry workforces when they involve training which is required to obtain work tickets and licenses. Successful participants can use evidence of course completion, eg Statement of Attainment, to apply for relevant license/s. Examples include firearm training and safety (to obtain a Queensland Weapons Licence) or chemical short courses (for ACDC and/or AusChem accreditation).

Most courses can be delivered in the workplace and some are available using flexible delivery methods including external study options. Because we understand the time constraints on busy workers, we strive to make the courses as time-efficient as possible.

Accredited or non-accredited? 

A short course may involve:

  • non-accredited training (for which a Certificate of Participation is issued), or
  • one or more units of accredited training (a skill set for which a Statement of Attainment is issued)

Accredited or non-accredited outcomes depend on the course, the purpose for undertaking the course, and/or the assessment method used.

Skill sets 

An accredited short course (known as a skill set) can remain as a stand-alone achievement or can be credited towards a full vocational qualification. An example of an accredited short course is the online AHCSS00025 Farm Business Management Skill Set, which can be credited against AHC51416 Diploma of Agribusiness Management.

'Pop up' workshops

QATC conduct practical 'pop up' workshops regularly throughout the year. Each workshop runs for approximately 4-5 days and will generally cover a range of topics relevant to Rural Operations, Agriculture, or Conservation and Land Management qualifications.

For students enrolled in a full qualification 

'Pop up' workshops are offered principally to enrolled QATC Certificate-level students, allowing them to learn and demonstrate practical skills for assessment and take advantage of valuable face-to-face time with instructors to ask questions and discuss course theory. Students may participate in some or all of the assessment units during the workshop, depending on the requirements of the course they are studying.

For members of the public seeking to complete a skill set

For those who are not enrolled in a full qualification but interested in completing a skill set - such as chainsaws or quad bikes - 'pop up' workshops may run at a time and location convenient for you to undertake your training then. Our staff will be able to advise whether a scheduled 'pop up' workshop will cover the topics required for completion of a particular skill set.

Industry-tailored workshops, forums and seminars

Some short courses - particularly those that cover topics tailored to the requirements of a given organisation - are delivered in the form of workshops, forums, and seminars offered only to a set group of employees or industry association members, for example. Other short courses delivered in this format may be open to the public.