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Short Courses

Boost your practical skills and knowledge with our wide range of short courses.

Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges (QATC) Training Hubs and Colleges offer a diverse range of accredited and non-accredited short courses, workshops and training programs for the rural industries.

We work with industry to design and develop short courses that are current and relevant, comprising a unique mix of practical skills training and classroom-based learning to support you, your business, or employees to handle the challenges of modern agribusiness.

Short courses can be particularly relevant to industry workforces that are required to obtain work tickets and licences. Successful participants can use their evidence of course completion to apply for relevant licenses for example, undertaking a firearm training and safety course to obtain a Queensland Weapons Licence, or chemical short courses for ACDD and/or AusChem accreditation.

We understand the time constraints on busy workers which is why we strive to develop time-efficient courses, with many available using flexible delivery methods at a location to suit you. 

Accredited or non-accredited?

A short course may involve:

  • non-accredited training (for which a Certificate of Participation is issued), or
  • one or more units of accredited training (a skill set for which a Statement of Attainment is issued)

Accredited or non-accredited outcomes depend on the course, the purpose for undertaking the course, and/or the assessment method used.

Skill sets

An accredited short course (known as a skill set) can remain as a stand-alone achievement or can be credited towards a full vocational qualification. An example of an accredited short course is the online AHCSS00030 Farm Business Management Skill Set, which can be credited against AHC51416 Diploma of Agribusiness Management.

Industry-tailored workshops, forums and seminars

QATC can tailor a workshop, forum, or seminar to the meet the individual needs of your organisation. Contact us to discuss a workshop for your employees or association members.

Use our Course Finder to explore the right Short Course for you or contact us to discuss a tailored training program.