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The Central Highlands Cotton Growers & Irrigators Association (CHCG&IA) and Cotton Australia have joined forces with Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges (QATC) to provide scholarships at Emerald Agricultural College to students commencing their studies in 2018.

“Cotton Australia is proud to support this scholarship program, which seeks to educate the next generation of cotton growers,” says Cotton Australia CEO, Adam Kay.  “Cotton growers are committed to ensuring the industry prospers through programs that invest in our future leaders and improve education opportunities for farm managers, owners and workers.”

CHCG&IA supported these sentiments.  “Our local grower members are keen to play a role in ensuring that the cotton and broad acre farming industry continues to prosper by assisting to support future farm workers, managers and owners to get a solid start to their careers through this education pathway,” said Samantha Elsden Secretary of CHCG&IA.

Scholarships shall be open to candidates who enrol or are enrolled at Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges in a Certificate III based program in either the Access Ag or the Cropping Skills course at Emerald Agricultural College.

Mark Tobin CEO of QATC said “these organisations recognise that a scholarship can go a long way in easing the financial burden on families and students while studying. This scholarship partnership has been generously provided for a number of years now, and provides financial assistance, and also build confidence and help students achieve their goals.”

“The cotton sector offers an enormous range of career opportunities – I encourage those students interested in studying with us next year to apply,” finished Mr Tobin.

Applications close on 31 December 2017, and must be made on the application form available on the Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges website and emailed to

For more information, contact QATC on 1800 888 710 or visit our Scholarships page


What some of the CHCG&IA and CA scholarships recipients in 2017 had to say about their study at Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges, and the support of the sponsorship providers:

Lucynda Anderson 17, Mackay PACE Year 12

What do you enjoy most of your study? I enjoy the fact that growing up on a farm I never really got to look at the theory behind everything it was just the practical side of things. We experienced what was really behind our farming, the science behind it; for example understanding plants, diseases, morphology and animals. On the farm we never got that chance to understand and I guess College gave me that chance to look at the theory behind things and why we did things.

What do you plan to do after college? After I graduate I haven’t got too many plans yet. Eventually I would like to go to University and study agronomy, though for now I would like to go and travel overseas and around Australia and have a look at other things before sending myself to university and aim to get into Agronomy.

What has receiving the scholarship meant to you? My scholarship partner was the Central Highland Cotton Growers and Irrigators Association and Cotton Australia. The scholarship enabled me to attend College and it also gave me a chance to network with other people to get to know other people within industry outside of college. I attended events including the local cotton awards dinner, interviews at properties, field days and meetings. I would highly recommend for everyone who is going to college to apply for a scholarship. I thought I would never receive a scholarship. At first it was very daunting but I got it. I encourage everyone to have a go; it will offer you something more through to your work experience right through to networking with other people.


Hamish Hutchings 17, Dalby PACE 12

What do you enjoy most of your study? The diversity and the range of study, from equine through to crop production. I really enjoyed applying the theory into the practical and learning new skills that I otherwise wouldn't have learnt. Without studying at the college I wouldn't have the industry exposure nor the experiences I have obtained.

What do you plan to do after college? Next year I intend on furthering my study of agriculture at university, after which I wish to work in the cotton industry whether it be farming or trading. After I accomplish my goals within the cotton industry I wish to return home to my family's property "Yoorooga" and work in the family business.

What has receiving the scholarship meant to you? Obtaining my scholarship has introduced me into the Emerald region's cotton industry and helped me in starting to build good relationships with the cotton growers of the Central Highlands. As well as the great networking opportunities, the scholarship has allowed me to maintain my studies at the Emerald Ag College.


Cameron Hosking 17, Moura PACE 12

What do you enjoy most of your study? I have enjoyed most of study, when doing practical on the farm, doing work with cropping and irrigation, plus the infrastructure involved in running it.

What do you plan to do after college? After college I have applied for an apprenticeship doing mechanics on agricultural equipment. However, if my apprenticeship doesn’t succeed I will be getting a job on a cropping property.

What has receiving the scholarship meant to you? Receiving the scholarship means that I have been able to attend various field days and meetings. Also it has helped me grow my passion for agriculture and cotton especially. I am thankful for the scholarship as I have learnt a lot and feel I will achieve better results in life having attended College.

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