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​Selection of stockhorses and quarter horses for sale by tender

Longreach Pastoral College is proud to offer a select group of horses for sale by tender:

Broodmares are a mixture of AQHA & ASHS registered mares. They are PTIF to Genuine Roy and Eskdale West Red Acres.

The ridden horses are young horses broken in by LPC students.



Lot 1. El Pascol Aimee

(AQHA) FM-24681 DOB 2/10/1998 14.3 hh

EP Aimee’s sire won over 20 Stockman’s Challenges state wide along with many cut -out and draft placings. Aimee has produced 4 foals. She has won 2 Stockmans Challenges and was a very good cutting out mare. Sells heavy in foal to EW Red Acres due in January 2017. EW Red Acres has won led, ridden, cutouts (24 points) and placed in open and novice drafts.



Lot 2. El Pascol Suzanna and foal

(ASHS) C2-178711 DOB 6/12/2001 15.0 hh

EP Suzanna has placed in a Stockmans Challenge. She was a strong fast mare. She has bred 4 fillies retained by the College with 1 gelding sold at Toomba Sale 2015 for $6000 as a 3 year old. She sells with a colt foal at foot by EW Red Acres. EW Red Acres has won led, ridden, cutouts (24 points) and placed in open and novice drafts.



Lot 3. Dacol Lady Doc and weanling

(ASHS) 152770 DOB 21/10/2002 15.1 hh

Lady Doc was bred at the Dalby Ag College. She was lightly ridden before breeding 7 foals. She sells heavy in foal to EW Red Acres. EW Red Acres has won led, ridden, cutouts (24 points) and placed in open and novice drafts. She sells with a registered chestnut gelding weaner (El Pascol Archer) also by EW Red Acres born 7/12/15 who has been weaned and handled. Tetanus, Strangles and Hendra vaccinated.



Lot 4. Docs Lethal Lady

(AQHA) Q 39737 DOB 8/12/1997

Well bred and well performed. Won cut-outs, placed in challenges and drafts. Lethal Lady has bred 5 foals, 2 of which are drafting. Her gelding sold for $11,500 as a 3 year old. Sells PTIF to Genuine Roy due February 2017. Genuine Roy has won 10 Challenges including the “Best of the West” series and the open section of the “Horse of the North” as well as 10 campdrafts.



Lot 5. Claredale Guramine

(ASHS) 172855 DOB 24/09/2003 Mare

Bred at Burdekin Ag College. Used as a mustering horse by riders of various ability levels. Has not been joined. Lame in hock.



Lot 6. El Pascol Belinda

(ASHS) 232735 DOB 23/01/2013

Unbroken, well handled filly. Was injured in 2015 whilst away on agistment. No guarantee as to soundness but sells as a potential broodmare. Acres Destiny, Freckles Oak, Double Doc and Cadet bloodlines.



Lot 7. El Pascol Levinia

ASH Bay well bred mare, broken in April 2016 by a young lady rider. Truck loads, shod all round 3 times, catch in large paddock. Still has some growing to do. Breeding includes: Docs Freckles Oak, Romeo, Acres Destiny and Rodeo Rush.



Lot 8. Surbiton Kid Rock

(Unreg) Gelding born in 2014, broken in April 2016 by young lady rider. Good to do anything with. Kid Rock is only a baby and has a lot more growing to do. Bred by the Dillon Family of Alpha.



Lot 9. Casino

(Unreg) DOB 12/09/2012 15.1 hh Gelding.

Broken in April 2016, has been lightly worked since. He truck loads, accepts ropes and stockwhips, leads off a motorbike and has been shod all round several times. He was bred by the Nicholls family of Winton carrying the lines of Docs Chickasha Oakie.



Lot 10. El Pascol Apollo

(AQHA) Q-77321 DOB 27/11/2012 Gelding

Apollo was broken in April 2015, lightly worked, spelled for 7 months and has now been ridden by students all year . He truck loads, accepts whips, leads off a motorbike and has been shod all round 6 times. His sire has won 11 drafts and 12 Stockmans Challenges. Dam was lightly drafted by the students.



Lot 11. Orchy

(Unreg) DOB 1/12/2012 Gelding

Broken in April 2016, continually worked. He truck loads, has had a whip cracked on him, leads off a bike. He has been shod all round 3 times. He has a hip knocked down prior to being broken in. Bred by the Nicholls family of Bendemeer Winton. Sire is a draft and cutout winner.



Lot 12. Diamantina Devil

(Unreg) DOB 15/08/13 14.3 hh Gelding

Bred by the Nicholls family of Winton. Sire is a cut-out winner and drafted with success. Devil shows ability and will be a good Campdraft prospect. Broken in to the whip, truck loading, leading off bike.


For more information and tender documents please email

Tender must be submitted on QATC tender documents via email before 3.00pm Friday 4 November 2016.

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